A Tale Of Two U.S. Cities


Violent protest from violent people

Violent counter-protests

Violence begetting violenceImage result for charleston sc violence August 2017


Hurricane Harvey

Violent weather from the hand of God

Rapid local and national response

Violence begetting extraordinary compassion Image result for houston flooding cajun navy

Two sides of violence

Two sides of the U.S.

Which one is the real picture?

Are both?

America is like a family.

Her people fight among themselves like cats and dogs.

 But when something from the outside threatens,

her people pull together to fight it together as one.




The Key

I watched a loon glide across a lake,

During an all-day, all-night mountain rain.

I saw a fish rise to eat a bug,

And saw his large silver beauty has he jumped.

I heard a chipmunk chatter at me as I sat,

As he sat at my feet with his complaint.

I studied the movements of the clouds

As they surrounded the mountains like a blanket.

And I communed with nature,

And I communed with You.

Panoramic photo of the Seven Rila Lakes in the...

As I sat by that lake,

During that all-day, all-night mountain rain,

I thought if I could reach inside myself,

And find the key to all around me.

Somehow I just knew, if I listened long enough,

Or in the right way, I would understand.

I knew I would hear what the loon said,

As he called across the lake to his mate.

I knew I would rejoice with the fish

As he leaped for his dinner.

I knew I would communicate with the chipmunk,

And he would talk with me.

And I knew I would understand the clouds

As they moved and enveloped the world around me.

English: Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack ...

But I didn’t find that key as I sat

During that all-day, all-night mountain rain.

No matter how deeply within I reached,

I couldn’t find it anywhere inside me.

But You were there, and You were with me,

And we communed together in the rain.

And I know someday I will find the key,

When I see You face to face.

So, it was enough for me to watch nature

And commune with You in the rain.

Loon Lake, CA