Simple Pleasures

What do you do in life that brings you simple pleasure? Is there something you own that just makes you smile when you see it? Or is it a past time you enjoy?

We all have stuff we enjoy to differing degrees. For me, writing is one of them, hence this blog. However, this time I want to talk about another one. It might seem a bit silly to some, and a whole lot silly to others. But don’t we all have things in our lives that are that way to others, really?

My simple pleasure is my collection of solar bobble-dolls in my car. I cannot call them bobbleheads because only 2 of them have heads, the turkey, and the scarecrow. The others are flowers (4 of them). They bob up and down in different ways in the sunlight on my dashboard, mostly ignored while I sit daily in my office at work. They are a bright spot of color on dreary days and they never fail to make me smile when I see them. Image result for solar bobble head images

My husband thinks they are completely silly. However, as long as I limit the collection in his van to its current 4 (2 flowers, and a similar turkey and scarecrow), he puts up with them because he loves me. He also allows it because I only buy them at the $1 store and don’t buy all I see. I’m picky in my additions, particularly as the dashboard of my car gets more and more crowded!

I was thinking about them because I was listening on the radio the other day to the K-LOVE Morning Show. The hosts (Craig, Amy, and Kankelfritz) were talking about simple pleasures. They mentioned things that gave them pleasures and invited people to call in. I heard a couple of callers mention theirs. I thought about calling and telling them about my solar bobble-heads. But as I was getting ready to get out of my car at work, they said something that stopped my calling idea cold and prompted this post.

Craig, Amy, and Kankelfritz said our pleasures are good things in life because they are things God has put into us to make us uniquely individual. We all like different things because of our uniqueness. Then they said God has simple pleasures, too. Because God takes pleasure in us.

So many people believe God is an angry judge, ready to slam down on us for real or imagined sins we may or may not have done, or left undone. I used to feel that way. I was convinced every time I did something wrong, there He was, mad at me and ready to punish me. My strict upbringing probably had a lot to do with that feeling. But how I ended up with that feeling is not as important as that I had it.

It was not until I realized the immensity of God’s love, the joy He takes in loving me and in me loving Him and my fumbling efforts to please Him, that I was able to escape this trap. The point was brought home in my Bible when I read

The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty One who will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you by His love; He will exult over you with loud singing.

Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)

Do you see what I saw? The God of the universe, the One who put it all together, rejoices and exults over us with gladness and loud singing! God takes so much pleasure in people who love Him, He throws a party over them!! Image result for party images free

I don’t know about you, but I love it when people throw a party for me. I mean, they take time, trouble and usually money and spend it on me. Who’s not going to be appreciative?? It’s the same way with God. He takes pleasure in us so much, He throws a party over every fumbling effort to obey Him, every time we get it right, every time we come back and repent when we’ve blown it. He doesn’t throw a fit when we’ve blown it, like we do. Instead, He throws a celebration when we get it! That sounds about as far from the image of the harsh Judge I used to have as I could get!

So I will continue to take joy in the simple pleasure of my bobble-dolls, secure in the knowledge of God taking even greater pleasure in me. Come along and enjoy God’s pleasure as we enjoy our simple pleasures in life on our journeys together.


On Intimacy With Immensity, Parts 1 and 2

These poems reflect the place I was in my relationship with God at the time I wrote them.  The first was 10 years ago.  The second was 2010.  The difference was taking a class focused around Ed Piorek’s DVD series The Father Loves You .  It changed my perspective of Father God, my relationship with Him, and is based on Galatians 4:6,

Because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!”

It is my prayer you find joy in the Father’s love!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

             On Intimacy With Immensity 

 You are so big . . .

          Your power created the universe;

                   All the things I see, all I cannot.

          Your wisdom smoothly runs it

                   Without raising a sweat on Your brow.

          Your majesty is seen in it

                   But only as a dim reflection of Your glory.

And You want to be intimate

With small and insignificant me.



You are so loving . . .

          You forgive the worst sinners

                    When they come to You in repentance.

          You came to give Yourself for us

                   While we were yet sinners all.

          You would have done it if all the world were perfect

                   Except for one poor, sinful soul.

And You want to pour out this love

On someone as undeserving as me.



You are so powerful . . .

          All You have to do is think

                   And amazing things happen.

          You decided all the laws of the universe,

                   And go outside them as You choose.

          There is nothing that happens anywhere

                   That You don’t know of it before it occurs.

And You want to share Your power

Pouring it into a life as powerless as mine.


I can’t think of this too often,

          You know.

You are so immense.

          And I am so small.

You are so loving.

          And I am so insignificant.

You are so powerful.

          And I am so weak.

But for all our many differences,

          You demand intimacy between us.

And of all the things I’ve ever thought of,

          This is the most amazing one:

To have intimacy with Your immensity

           Is a thing my mind can never comprehend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Abba’s Lap

(On Intimacy With Immensity, Part II) 



          The world is cold, and lonely, and hard.

                   It is unforgiving of my struggles, and faults, and failings.


          Can I climb into Your lap for a while?





          The world is big, and I am but small.

                   The world is frightening, and I am scared.


          You are bigger than the big, scary world.

                   Can I climb into Your lap and be safe?





          My heart is broken and hurting.

                   The world has cast it aside like a discarded  and unwanted



          When I bring my heart to You, will You fix it for me?





The world takes such joy, such delight in shredding my life, my


my dreams like a small child would paper.


          When I bring You the shattered pieces, can You, will You, fix


                   and fix me?



Abba . . .

          Abba . . .

                   Abba . . .


Child.  Beloved Child.  Come here, Beloved Child.  Come up.