A Boy Like You (For David)

(Philippians 2: 7)

A boy like you.

A mom like me.

Another time, another place.

Was there anyone there

Who could have guessed?

Deity born in their town.

A dad like yours.

Siblings like mine.

Another world, a different space.

Did they ever discuss it,

In just the family there?

Majesty living among them.

Schooling like yours.

Chores like mine.

Similar, and yet, very different.

Did the thought ever intrude

On their daily lives?

The Mighty God growing up there.

A room like yours.

A garden like mine.

Maybe a cat, maybe a dog.

Did they ever remember,

As she directed His ways?

The Sovereign Lord learning these things.

A Man as I dream you’ll be.

A mom – I hope to age as gracefully.

Surely they knew

As He want on His Father’s way

That God had grown up a man there.

How To Give A Wonderful Birthday

I had a great birthday this year!  I know, it seems like bragging.  I wanted to let you, my several faithful readers, know what my incredible family did.  Maybe what they did, the plans they pulled off, will inspire you to give a great day to someone special you love.

My celebration started the night before, on Saturday.  The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary

English: Exterior of the Saratoga Performing A...

Tour was coming to Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  Bob got lawn tickets for us, and found a buy one/get one deal.  We had an early supper, got sodas for the cooler, grabbed lawn chairs and a blanket and headed north about 40 miles from home.

The concert was amazing!  The Beach Boys have lost none of what made them so

Español: The Beach Boys en concierto en el 2008.

fantastic.  Our spot on the lawn was high on the hill, where we could see the stage, though the performers looked like ants.  Bob got us shirts, fries and a frozen drink in a cool collectible cup.  Everyone around us was friendly and nice, and all 20,000 of us got up to dance and sing a lot, especially when they did classic favorites toward the end.  It was a while getting out of the arena area and then back to the highway, but no one seemed to mind, and everyone was nice about it.

Sunday (my birthday) we struggled to get up after our late night and went to church.  Son David got there ahead of us, and told everyone, so I got a lot of birthday wishes during the time of peace.  After church, Bob brought daughter Beth, son-in-law Tom and our grandchildren over for lunch and a swim.  The kids were funny and entertaining, and I got some cute photos.

After Tom, Beth and the kids left, Bob, David and I went to the mall.  David and I have a tradition from when he was small of going to the latest Disney movie together for my birthday.  I used to take him but since he got his first job, he’s taken me every year, and then out for whatever dinner his budget could afford.  Bob tagged along and we went to see “Brave.”  David also got us popcorn, soda and candy.  After the movie, we went to a restaurant where they had a 3 course special.  My leftovers became lunch at work Monday.

My Facebook wall was filled Saturday night and all day Sunday with messages from friends and family.  It was so touching and fun to read all the kind words from everyone!

Monday, I found my work cubicle decorated with streamers at the door, a banner across the middle that said “Happy Birthday” in pink with princessy stuff, balloons taped all over the place, a hat on my keyboard, and a picture of a cupcake with a candle in it on one of my monitors!  I had a place mat that said “Happy Birthday, ” with notes on it from my coworkers.  On it was a gift card from a local coffee shop chain.  I returned from a break and found someone had left a dark chocolate candy bar on my keyboard!  I found out at lunchtime a coworker’s birthday was Sunday and no one knew, so I shared the pink banner and 1/2 my balloons with her.  It was fun, to share the joy.

I’ve had birthdays that weren’t great in the past.  This one was fabulous!  From Saturday evening to Monday morning, it was almost non-stop continuous fun and excitement.  This wasn’t even a ‘big’ birthday.  It was an ordinary one.  What made it special was the kindnesses, the thoughtfulness, the unexpected pleasures and the sheer delights of surprises the people who care about me took the time to consider and execute. 

That’s my whole point of sharing this.  It doesn’t matter what you do for your someone special.  It doesn’t matter how much it costs.  What matters is that they know you were thinking of them and taking the time and trouble to consider what they would like, what would bring them pleasure and joy.  Because that’s what the people around me did for me this year that made this birthday so special, so memorable, so wonderful.  They took that time out for me . . .

Happy Birthday