On Intimacy With Immensity

You are so big . . .

Your power created the universe;

Universe Mosaic

All the things I see, all I cannot.

Your wisdom smoothly runs it

Without raising a sweat on Your brow.

Your majesty is seen in it

But only as a dim reflection of Your glory.

And You want to be intimate

With small and insignificant me.

You are so loving . . .

You forgive the worst sinners

English: Crucifixion

When they come to You in repentance.

You came to give Yourself for us

While we were yet sinners all.

You would have done it if all the world were perfect

Except for one poor, sinful soul.

And You want to pour out this love

On someone as undeserving as me.

You are so powerful . . .

All You have to do is think

And amazing things happen.

A meteor and galactic center of Milky Way gala...

You decided all the laws of the universe,

And go outside them as You choose.

There is nothing that happens anywhere

That You don’t know of it before it occurs.

And You want to share Your power

Pouring it into a life as powerless as mine.

I can’t think of this too often,

You know.

You are so immense.

And I am so small.

You are so loving.


And I am so insignificant.

You are so powerful.

And I am so weak.

But for all our many differences,

You demand intimacy between us.

And of all the things I’ve ever thought of,

This is the most amazing one:

To have intimacy with Your immensity

Is a thing my mind can never comprehend.


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