Paradigm Shifting

You take the long view.

As for me, I only think I do.

You see the entire big picture.

I can’t even see one small corner of its frame,

though sometimes I think I do.

You know every consequence of every action

and every chain of events that will follow after.

I can’t even think beyond one or two of them

most of the time.

You planned humanity’s future

before even our First Parents had ever sinned.

Some days, I have trouble planning

what I’m serving my family for dinner.

You planned Israel’s deliverance from Egypt

many generations before any of them ever lived there.

I have to make lists in advance to organize what to pack

when I go away for a weekend.

You want me to see eternity.

I’m sitting in physical time and space.

You want me to understand and contemplate forever.

I live in the here and now.

You want me to live in Your Rhema, Kairos words and world.

I live in a Logos, Chronos time and place.

Like Nicodemus, to understand You, I must be born anew.

My paradigms must shift.

My vision must change.

Only then will I fully understand

how it is to live

as a fully spiritual being

in a wholly physical existence.

(Written after a sermon on John 2:23 – 3:15.)



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