The Key

I watched a loon glide across a lake,

During an all-day, all-night mountain rain.

I saw a fish rise to eat a bug,

And saw his large silver beauty has he jumped.

I heard a chipmunk chatter at me as I sat,

As he sat at my feet with his complaint.

I studied the movements of the clouds

As they surrounded the mountains like a blanket.

And I communed with nature,

And I communed with You.

Panoramic photo of the Seven Rila Lakes in the...

As I sat by that lake,

During that all-day, all-night mountain rain,

I thought if I could reach inside myself,

And find the key to all around me.

Somehow I just knew, if I listened long enough,

Or in the right way, I would understand.

I knew I would hear what the loon said,

As he called across the lake to his mate.

I knew I would rejoice with the fish

As he leaped for his dinner.

I knew I would communicate with the chipmunk,

And he would talk with me.

And I knew I would understand the clouds

As they moved and enveloped the world around me.

English: Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack ...

But I didn’t find that key as I sat

During that all-day, all-night mountain rain.

No matter how deeply within I reached,

I couldn’t find it anywhere inside me.

But You were there, and You were with me,

And we communed together in the rain.

And I know someday I will find the key,

When I see You face to face.

So, it was enough for me to watch nature

And commune with You in the rain.

Loon Lake, CA