Wee Thoughts — Welcome To Our World!

It is astonishing to me that I have faithful readers and followers.  I find it remarkable you want to know what I have to say on stuff.  Additionally, you actually expect me to update them on what is going on in my life.  To say the very least, I am greatly appreciative to all of you!!

Those of you who do read here often know I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I want to introduce you to my grandchildren, as a way of welcoming our third, born today.  Their parents are our daughter Beth and her husband Tom.

The eldest, Keyna, is 3 1/2.   She is bright, engaging and verbal.  She likes “Dora The Explorer, ” Elmo and cats.  Her favorite color is pink.  Her favorite stuffed toy is the Yankee Bear Pillow Pet I wrote about in “Pink Diaper Bags and Yankee Bears.”  She likes to play with puzzles and cook pretend food in her toy kitchen.  “Let’s Pretend” is her favorite game.  Keyna loves the slides at the park!  She is afraid of loud noises, blow dryers, our swimming pool and hair spray.  Keyna’s favorite food (and our favorite bribery tool!) is strawberries.  She is somewhat reluctant to try new foods, like her father.  Keyna has to wear sneakers during the week for preschool, and loves nothing better than to escape into cowboy boots or sandals on the weekends.  Keyna is very proud of being in potty training.  Keyna also loves books and music, and is learning her letters and numbers.

Ariel is 1 1/2.  She is learning to talk, and will sometimes say proper words and phrases.  She likes classical music and cats.  Her favorite color is purple.  Her favorite stuffed toy is an Elmo.  Ariel likes to play with dominoes, and have Papa (my husband) make rows of them for her to knock down.  She loves to laugh. She is stubborn, and like her mother before her, appears to be entering her two’s, with all their defiance and willful stubbornness early.  She loves bouncing on willing knees!  Ariel loves the swings at the park!  Ariel, like her mother at that age, does not seem to be afraid of much of anything.  Ariel’s favorite food is yogurt smoothies, though she will eat about anything.  Ariel is still in diapers at this point.  Ariel loves to listen to story books.

Today we welcome to our family a new member.  His name is Tommy, and he is Keyna and Ariel’s little brother.  He made his appearance at 4:45pm.  He arrived at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and 19 1/4 inches long.  We were able to visit and see him in the nursery, at a distance, and not to take photos today.  Daddy was, and his photo is below.

We don’t know what Tommy will like, or his favorite color, or what will make him laugh.  We don’t know what stuffed toy will become his favorite, what will make him fearful or what he will like to eat.  Tommy’s world is a blank slate, as is the world of all newborns.  It is ready to be shaped by his parents, us as his grandparents, his sisters, his schooling and his life.  Today, baby Tommy begins a journey of discovery we all began at birth, and which we still hopefully will continue until our deaths.

So, welcome to our world, baby Tommy.  We’re glad you’re here.  Welcome to our family.  We’re glad God chose you for us.  And in a world of hatreds and prejudices, welcome to the only race in the world that counts — the human race.

Ariel and Keyna January 2012

Tommy , born 6/4/12


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