Sisters (For Judi and Suzanne)

Sisters in body and sisters in blood,

That’s what we were born to be;

But sisters in heart and sisters in love

Is what we’ve become, you and me.


We grew up together, often sharing a room,

And we learned together how to live.

We learned how to fight and we learned how to share,

And we learned to be unselfish and to give.


Then we went separate ways and lived different lives,

And we all married extraordinary men,

And in that special way sisters often have

Our hearts have come full circle again.


We pour out our hearts over long distance wires

Knowing the others our secrets will keep,

And we laugh together and share silly things,

And sometimes, together, we weep.


Though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like

Because the distance between us is long,

We know when the need is too great to deny

That our sister will be there and be strong.


We grew up together, my dear sisters and me,

As sisters of body and blood,

But because of the faith we know we all share,

We’re also sisters, through Christ, in our God.


I’m glad we’ve grown up sisters of the heart,

And I’m glad you are sisters to me,

But I’m gladder still, and even more does my heart rejoice,

To know we’ll be sisters in eternity.