There is no place love cannot go,

No boundary to high to cross.

No barrier can stand in its way

When easing pain and loss.


There is no color love can see

When it looks into a life.

There is no heart love cannot reach,

No matter what’s causing the strife.


There are no lines drawn on a map

In some political tower

That will keep out, in any way,

Love’s healing strength and power.


There are no words which can stop love

Or cause permanent dismay,

For love will triumph, what ‘ere the cost,

And come through, what ‘ere the way.


The power of love is a simple thing:

No matter how high seems the cost

Of going out in all the world

And caring of the lonely and lost.


I’ve rarely heard of hearts too hard

And roads that have been too far trod

Who will not yield, to the last part,

To the healing love of God.


The love of God is best expressed

Through Jesus on the Cross.

As the Holy One suffered for our sin

In the agony of His undeserved loss.


God never suffers anything

To be between He and those He loves.

If a barrier, He breaks it down.

If a wall, a wall He moves.


There is no difference in God’s love

And in the love He has to impart.

It rushes from His throne to our lives,

Then from us to others, heart to heart.


God’s love contains the power,

And yielding is the key

That breaks down every barrier

In setting other hearts free.


Seek out love and find it,

And then give it away.

For it is within the giving

We receive more than we can repay.


Let hope be your helper

When discouragement harasses love.

For hope and love give strength we need

Every barrier we see to move.


Love beckons with a challenge,

Calling all to take a part,

To spread its healing power

To at least one other hurting heart.


Love isn’t just a way of helping,

Or a means through which we give.

Loving is meant as our center and purpose.

Love’s power, our reason to live.


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