Living Among The 8 F’s

On TEAM LIFE, we are taught about the 8 F’s.  These are

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Finances                                       
  • Fitness
  • Freedom
  • Friendship
  • Following
  • Fun

Sunday, my husband Bob and I spent some time among 4 of the 8 F’s, Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.  That day started, as our Sundays always do, in the Faith F, with personal quiet devotional times, followed by preparing for and attending the 11:00 am service at our church. It was our turn, along with our son David, to read the appointed Scripture lessons for the day.  In addition, it was Bob’s turn to serve Communion, and David’s to usher.  We love attending a church where we can be fed from God’s Word and serve, too.

After church, we got together with my mother and one of my sisters, Suzanne, who was visiting from her home in The Netherlands.  Mom and Suzanne had also been at church, but had not sat with us.  Mom announced she wanted to go to lunch before going back to her assisted living facility.  We knew this would be our only opportunity to visit with Suzanne for any length, so Bob, David and I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with the Family F.   .

We had a nice lunch with Suzanne and Mom, though Suzanne complained about the slow service.  Bob and I were able to share with them about TEAM LIFE and how much we get from the materials we get from our subscriptions and system tools.  Suzanne told us of her work and family.  It was a nice time to catch up.

After lunch, Suzanne had to go to another commitment,.  So Bob and I dropped David off for his shift at work, and brought my mother home.  By the time we got her settled back into her room and got back home, it was 4:30, over 3 1/2 hours after we got out of church.

When we arrived home, Bob and I started working on projects we needed to do before attending the TEAM LIFE major conference soon.  Then, noticing the time, we came to a stopping place in our chores and made a light dinner.  After dinner, Bob decided we should go back to church, where some Friends, who are professional musicians, were performing in a benefit concert for the school our church supports.

It was a lovely concert.  The school’s cafeteria was set up cabaret-style, with cloths and candles on the tables, and school children acting as waiters and waitresses.  They were offering coffee, tea and home-baked goodies for a nominal fee.  The music was wonderful,highlighting women composers and lyricists, primarily from the Great American Songbook.  Bob and I had a great deal of Fun.  Afterward, we came home to our regular Sunday evening conference call with our part of TEAM LIFE.

So Sunday was for us a great day, filled with 4 of the 8 F’s, Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.  We got to enjoy life in 4 of them in one day.  It is not often we get to have days like that, and we treasure them.

How do you do?  How is your life among TEAM LIFE‘s 8 F’s?  I hope, like ours, it is rewarding, interesting and full of joy.


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