The Disguised Prince — A Fable of Success

What happens when an average person attains sudden wealth, success or fame?  Are they able to handle it as they are, or will they need to change to keep it?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Deutsch: Heinrich der Jüngere (laut Quelle) En...

A long time ago, in a country far away, there lived a king and queen.  They ruled wisely and well, and were happy in every`way but one — they had no child.  In the course of time, the queen finally had a child.   When he was still a small baby, an evil witch stole him.  She wanted only to bring unhappiness to the kingdom, so she gave him to peasants to rear, who did not know who he was.  As the boy was raised, he learned what the other children around him learned, which was a tiny fraction of what he would have learned as a prince.

The king and queen had regularly sent out searchers to look for their child, but none met with success.  Over the years, the stress and grief aged the king and queen far beyond their years.  No one found hm, until the day one happened on a secluded valley.  By this time, the prince was a young man, an apprentice.  The searcher recognized his father in him, and brought the young man back to the palace.

There was great rejoicing, but in the midst of everyone’s joy, tragedy struck yet again.  The years of grief caught up with the king and queen..  They grew suddenly ill and quickly died.

English: Henry the Young King

The young man was immediately crowned the new king, and the people were happy.

The new king was not so happy.  Oh, he liked his new home in the palace well enough, when he wasn’t getting lost in it.  He liked having servants at his beck and call, yet chafed at the loss of his privacy and freedom.  Most importantly, he knew he was not properly educated or equipped for his new role.  He began to make mistakes in policy and diplomacy, and soon the kingdom was again not a happy place.

Finally, he called together the council of his father’s advisers, and told the how he felt.  These men were relieved, because they’d been thinking the same things about him.  Finally, a wise old man spoke up and said his father had previously arranged for the council to rule, until a new king could be found.  The young king proposed the council do that, keeping him advised on what was going on, while he learned what he needed to know from tutors, and from their mentor ship.

It took some time, perhaps a few years, but eventually the young king began to understand what he needed to know, and began to gradually take back the rule of his kingdom.  He continued on his path of education all his life, and encouraged his whole kingdom to do the same.  He always said if it could raise him from peasant to king, it could do the same for anyone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You and I, dear reader, are that young man.  Born and bred to a life of success and happiness, the world takes us away and we do not learn what we need to know.  Just like that young man, we also can learn, we can grow up into who we were truly born to be.  The products of LIFE can be our tutors.  The leaders of TEAM can be our mentors.  Come and join the journey to the royal life you were born to live!


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