One Man

What can one man do

The beginning verses of the Gospel of John, fr...

To change the world?

What can one soul do

To stamp out evil?

What can one heart do

To make life better

For the endless and teeming

Needy multitudes?


English: Noah Leading the Animals into the Ark...

Noah was one man.

He saw the evil of his race.

God used him to bring safety

As He cleansed the earth’s face.

To him God gave plans;

An Ark of Safety he made.

Two of every creation

Through Noah God saved.


Moses was one man.

English: Moses Pleading with Israel, as in Deu...

He saw Israel’s plight.

God used him to bring his people

Out of dark into light.

To him God gave Law,

And a promise of grace.

To Moses God talked,

As a friend, face to face.


Paul was one man.

He saw Israel wouldn’t believe.

English: First page of the Gospel of Saint Joh...

God used him to witness to Gentiles,

Who would willingly receive.

To him God gave wisdom,

And the revealing of grace.

Through Paul God spread the Gospel

To every known place.


William Tyndale was one man.

He saw the ignorance of his land.

English: William Tyndale, Protestant reformer ...

God used him to translate

The Bible for England.

To him God gave courage

Needed for a martyr’s call.

Through William Tyndale God revealed

His Scriptures to all.


One man can see a need.

One man can hear a call.

Through him God can work

To bring something to all.

To each God gives what is needed

For his own time and place.

Through each God can speak

To the world, face to face.

Thinker On A Rock in National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

(“Thinker On A Rock” statue at the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.)


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