The Search for a Leader

Why are leaders so hard to find in our world?  Who are our leaders, and what makes them what they are?

In the recent post The Leadership Search, leadership guru Orrin Woodward spoke

Orrin Woodward

poetically about his own search for leadership in his life.

I searched for him half my life,
named with an uncommon sound.


I looked for him around the world,
but this person refused to be found.


Thankfully, I discovered him,
the good news is, you can too.


However, it won’t be easy,
as he reveals himself to just a few.


You can search our government assemblies,
and only hear legends from his past.


You can search our halls of learning,
reading quaint histories fading fast.


You can search our industrial complexes,
viewing his old portraits in the aisles.


You can search our sports arenas,
reading banners going out of style.


Everyone seems to know this person,
but most refuse his name.


I ceased my fruitless search,
hanging my head in shame.


In desperation, I searched within,
realizing his presence all along.


Since no one else will be him,
I can and will, to become strong.


I am now called responsible,
I am the man with the uncommon name.


My friend, you too have this choice,
for you can be called the same.


The search has ended.
The journey is done.


Who is responsible?
I am; You are; Everybody and everyone.

We all have the choice to be leaders in our own lives.  No matter what our various roles are, whether we be spouses, parents, employees or whatever, we all have a choice to lead.  We lead by what we choose to say, and when we make a choice to keep silent.  We lead by our actions and the times when we chose inaction.  We lead by the strength of our character and convictions, or sadly, by their lack.

Our culture teaches us leaders are people who take charge, who are out in front, bossing everyone else around.  Our culture teaches us leadership is for the chosen few.  But as Orrin points out, anyone can lead.  It is not an issue of personality or style.  It is an issue of the heart.  Let’s all work to grow leader’s hearts.



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