Destiny foretold

Since time began.

From times of old

There was a plan.

Justice spoke wrath

To the first sinners there.

And hope showed a path,

Love’s mercy to share.


Destiny foreknew

As the prophets foretold.

Seeing futures true

As the Spirit foretold.

A family, a line,

A Messiah, a King:

In the fullness of time

Sweet salvation to bring.


Destiny captured

In the virgin birth.

Angels sing raptures

Of the Holy Child’s worth.

Shepherds come and adore

And gifts wise men bring,

All fitting for the Lord

And King of all Kings.


Destiny revealed

In an old rugged cross.

Messiah giving ransom

For the souls of the lost.

Emmanuel, God with us,

Who died in man’s place.

The only sinless sacrifice

To give man atoning grace.


Destiny rewarded

With the rise of the third sun.

An empty tomb is revealed,

And the living Holy One.

The mission is completed

The victory’s won.

Death’s curse is repealed;

Messiah’s work here is done.


(December 24, 2007 — Begun during Pastor Kenn Cobb’s Christmas Eve sermon, when he spoke of Jesus’ “destiny revealed” in the Cross.)


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