Promises To Keep

My husband Bob and I love to listen to Christmas music at this time of year!  One of our favorite sources is Trans-Siberian Orchestra (aka TSO to fans), a band that does classical and Christmas music, with a rock flavor.

One TSO song I have particularly come to enjoy this year is Promises to Keep from their Christmas Eve and Other Stories CD.  I just love these lyrics!  Unfortunately, I could not find a video online that had the original children’s choir, as performed on the PBS video and CD.  Here is a live version someone recorded in the TSO concert in my hometown, last December 26.

Merry Christmas!!!

Promises to Keep

Christmas time, on a cold December morning

All is calm, and the world is still asleep

Christmas lights, that have been caught without warning

Gently glitter on

Stars to wish upon

All the world is at peace


Christmas time, and the year will soon be leaving

Cloaked in time, till it’s just a memory

Christmas stays if we don’t forget its meaning

Days go quickly by

Years they multiply

We go searching for thee


And the dream is still alive

From that first December morning

And it always will survive

As long as we can see

That the dreams that we find in life

Are the dreams we tend to seek

And Christmas has its promises to keep


Christmas time, and the world is just beginning

On last night, when we wished upon the star

And if this kindness we feel is just pretending

If we pretend long enough

Never giving up

It just might be who we are.


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