The Measure Of A Man

The life of a man is not measured

In the things he so patiently acquires.

English: Trinkets at fleamarket in Leon, Guana...

But the life of a man is measured

In how well he obeys God’s desires.


The measure of a man is not taken

By those with whom he would compare.

For the measure of a man is decided

By those around him for whom he would care.


The success of a man is not calculated

By status or riches or fame.

"Cleric, Knight, and Workman": the t...

But a man finds success lies elsewhere,

In the love of friends who know him more than by name.


The wealth of a man is not laid out

International Money Pile in Cash and CoinsIn a treasure he would carefully hoard.

 For a man can find wealth and treasures untold

In the joys of serving his Lord.


The joy of a man is not locatedA. Carnegie & Lord Weardale (LOC)

In the deals he arranges to complete.

For joy can only be found in service,

Another’s needs that man seeks to meet.


The leadership of a man is not noticed

A squad of soldiers learn communication and de...

When he is always trying to take charge.

For true leaders are found in their giving

To others, their hearts to enlarge.


The love of a man is not discovered

The love of my life

Solely in the woman he takes for his wife.

For a man’s love is only proven

When, for her, he daily lays down his life.


MoneyA man may not seem too successful

By the standards the world may choose.

But God considers anyone successful

If, for His purposes, their lives He can use.

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