My Friend

(To Debbie, Cindy and John)

My friend has laughing eyes,

And warm arms to enfold

To cheer a heart that’s lonely


With a story to be told;

A happy smile to greet me,

When I have been away,

A compliment to make me smile,

A hug to make my day.


My friend has loving hands,

Gentle and full of care,

And when I’m full of sorrow,

Has lots of hope to share;

Two friends

Eyes that see into my heart,

No matter what my mood,

A heart that warms and comforts me,

Praying only for my good.


And I would not give up my friend

For all the world could give,

And if I had to make the choice,

It’s with my friend I’d live;

Through thick and thin my friend will stay


Right to the very end,

And the only reason he will give

Is because he is my friend.


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