Intersectional Innovation – A TEAM LIFE Founder Tells All

What is intersectional innovation?  What does it mean for business, and how can we take advantage of it?

In the recent article The Goal of LIFE: Making A Difference In A Different Way, TEAM

Chris Brady

LIFE founder Chris Brady spoke of the intersectional innovation that makes LIFE so special.

Our goal in launching LIFE was to establish a Whole New Industry by finding the space between trends.  Namely, we would combine the categories of 1) Community Building, 2) Personal Development, 3) Life Coaching, and 4) Networking into a unique blend never before attempted.  We would do so by keeping the good and leaving out the bad inherent in each of these four areas. The overall goal would be to offer a business better than we could have dreamed of so many years ago when we were just starting out.

This would mean that such a business would have to eliminate many of the problems common with the standard fare in each of these four categories.  Our goal would be to maximize the number of people prospering and the difference made in people’s lives.  Instead of trying to make a fortune we’d focus on trying to make a difference . . .

Concerned with lasting change, we wanted a subscription program that would provide little bites over time, not enormous, expensive, “drinking through a fire hose” type programs designed to bring in a bunch of up-front money no matter the effectiveness of the training.  We are convinced that small, correct steps, taken consistently over time, are much more affordable and effective for transforming lives.

Intersectional innovation is the merger of trends.  It is taking the best of 2 or more worlds, merging them and discarding the worst parts of both.  It is easily understood if we remember the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials.  Someone with peanut

English: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, one with ...

butter ran into someone with chocolate, and they both liked the results of the combination.  That merger of 2 good things, to make something better, is the heart of intersectional innovation.

According to Chris, LIFE is the intersectional innovation of not 2, but 4 trends.  LIFE takes the best of these trends and discards the worst, creating unparallelled opportunities for growth and success.  Come join us and live the LIFE of your dreams!



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