Empty Counsel

(For Job, who understood)

God, preserve me from empty counsel,

Let the speech I hear be from You.

English: Two people in a CCI (Co-Counselling I...

And keep the words I speak to others

Filled only with Your love and truth.


Let my counselors not be like those who preach

Without knowledge, like that of Job’s friends.

Fill my own words with thoughts straight from Your heart,

English: Two people in a CCI (Co-Counselling I...

So my own won’t go on without end.


Gentle their words, so that they will not cause

My heart to more deeply bleed.

Give me Your wisdom and discernment,

That I may help others in need.


Let them not judge where they hearts have not been,

And where their feet have not trod.                                        

Let me not judge, for I don’t want to try                                             Judge

To take the place of my God.


Keep me from them, I ask You, dear Lord,

Their faces I don’t want to see.

And soften my heart, that another won’t say,

“Keep also that one far from me!”


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