Serendipity Moment — TEAM LIFE Wisdom from a Chinese Buffet

My family loves to go to Chinese buffets. My family

Our Family Portrait, 2008

enjoys to opportunity to”pig out” without restrictions.  We are partial to the one closest to our home, that has everything we like, plus a Sushi bar and a Mongolian grill and soup area.  That’s where you pick fresh food and they cook it for you either into a stir fry or soup.  I do not eat as much as my family, though I like Wonton Soup, Sushi and Mongolian grills, so it works out.

We went there again Saturday night.  As usual, I first got Wonton Soup for me and some appetizers to share, while Bob got a plate full of fresh cold seafood to share, cocktail sauce (for him) and lemons (for me).  We moved to personal favorite foods, finishing with dessert, with Bob’s featuring his favorite soft serve ice cream.  I think other than the seafood, it’s his favorite part of the meal!  As we ate our desserts, the waiter came with the bill and fortune cookies.

When we opened our fortune cookies, we read our fortunes to each other, as usual.  Frequently we get a laugh out of them.  Sometimes we trade them around, because they are more appropriate to someone else.  And on very rare occasions, we save them.  Saturday night we saved them.

When I read mine, I started by saying, “Are Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady now being read and quoted by fortune cookie makers?”  I then read my fortune:

Orrin Woodward

Character is to a man what carbon is to steel.

Orrin and Chris write and speak about character.  It is one of the measurements for leadership in their Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledger from their best-selling book Launching A Leadership Revolution.  In the article  Sturgeon’s Law and Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledgers, Orrin wrote about this, reiterating the basics of Character, Tasks and Relationships as the measurements for a leader to know how successful they are.

We talked about what I read, and Bob read his.  It was a déjà vu moment, as we realized how appropriate his was, too.

By listening, one will learn truths.  By hearing, one will

Chris Brady

only learn half truths.

Orrin and Chris also write and speak about listening, and how essential a skill it is for leaders to possess.  It is a foundational truth from all TEAM LIFE‘s Top 5 Books list.  Orrin wrote about it in Communication Triangulation, stating open communication, particularly among leaders, is essential for healthy communities to flourish and grow.

Our fortune cookies Saturday night reinforced truths we have heard from Orrin and Chris about what we have learned.  We understand our need to grow in these areas, and were grateful for the reminders.  Serendipity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  May you find such delightful moments on your leadership journey.



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