Athletic Faith

I’m stretching like a runner                                                    

Straining for a prize.

Reaching toward the finish line,

My goal fixed in my eyes.

I will not let distractions

Keep me from my goal.

I pay the price required,

No matter what the toll.


I’m struggling like a fighter,                                                      

Getting knocked against the ropes.

Refusing to back down,

On my heart-felt hopes.

I’m straining against a wrestler

I fear too great for me.

Keeping in mind my strength

Will bring about great victory.


My faith muscles become stronger                                   

Than they’ve ever been before.

I train them without mercy,

To face all life has in store.

And even when I’m on the mat,

When defeat seems to be most sure,

I know I’ll have a victory

When my heart and life are pure.


I’m running toward the finish line

Of life’s long endurance race.                                                     

My goal in Christ a lofty one –

A smile on my Savior’s face.

“Well done, My faithful servant!”

Is the praise I want to hear.

Finishing my long race strongly

To the saints’ resounding cheers.

(Philippians 3:10 – 14)


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