Winning — A TEAM LIFE Leader Tells All

What happens to a winner when they don’t win?  How do they handle it?

Chris Brady

In an article called The Promise of a Champion, author and leadership guru Chris Brady said,

Champions don’t always win. The skies are not consistently rosey for anyone. Everybody takes shots, experiences losses, gets knocked down, and gets dealt losing hands. I wish statements like this next one didn’t start to sound like cliches, because it robs them of the power of their truth, but:
“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond.”
Chris repeated this theme in another article called Tim Tebow: Unconventional May Just Mean Revolutionary, when he said,

Leadership matters.

Character matters.

Attitude matters.

The will to win matters.

Critics, however, don’t matter.

It is that attitude of focusing on these things that matter which makes true champions.  It has been often and rightly said winners are made first in the mind, and then on the playing field.  We win our earliest battles against ourselves and our own shortcomings long before we find victory in our chosen endeavors.

And even when we don’t win, a good attitude helps us to handle the loss gratefully.  As with winning, a loser is made first in the mind and then on the field.  We lose, but it doesn’t have to make us losers.  We are only losers when we believe ourselves to be losers.  We are losers when we allow our pasts to get in the way of our futures.

No one can make anyone a loser or a winner.  It’s a mental game that is played against an opponent of one — the person we look at in the mirror daily.  Yes, we can lose.  We can also win.  But we get to choose what defines us, what makes us who we really are inside. Eventually, that person inside will come out.  It’s up to us and our choices to decide who that will be.  May we all chose wisely and well.



2 thoughts on “Winning — A TEAM LIFE Leader Tells All

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  2. Joseph,
    I spoke in the article about losing gracefully. If you follow the links I gave, both articles by Chris Brady also highlight this subject. In fact, the first article, The Promise of a Champion, is all about what a winner did when he lost. Please check them out.


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