TEAM LIFE Faith – A Leading Lady Tells as She Sees It

A recent article by Terri Brady talks about the views the leaders of TEAM LIFE have toward faith in their families.  In Coyotes and Jesus, Terri says,

Chris & Terri Brady

But a few months ago, our pastor here in North Carolina, Stephen Davey, asked a key question that I thought I would bring home to my kids, now 14, 11, 8 and 6. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being 100% sure: how sure are you of what happens to you if you died today?”

I thought this heaven/hell question would be an easy one for the Brady Bunch in my house. We have read the Bible together, attended church, have sung hymns, and prayed together; but their answers took my pride right to where it should be – in the Lord’s hands. They didn’t know.

I am not here for a theological discussion, but I AM here as a mother who loves the Lord, and wants the same for my children. Do you know the answer to the question, on a scale of 1 to 10? Do your children? Shouldn’t we ask? Their answers that morning were eye opening; I realized I had improvements to make in my most-important job. Feeling tugged in so many directions, I tend to look for perfection, but I know that my children’s answers to that question shook my attention forward. I love to serve at church, business, and in the community, but my priority is teaching my kids the answers to crucial questions in life.

I know for myself, it was the greatest of motherly joys for me to personally lead both of our

Our Family Portrait, 2008

children (now in their adulthood) into their faith in Jesus Christ when they were younger.  That is the goal of a Christian parent, to know their children grow into sharing their faith with faith of their own.  No higher call can be made on a mother than to see this happen for her children.  May it be also for you.



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