Calling All Remaining Leaders – Orrin Woodward Leadership

Orrin Woodward recently wrote an article reviewing an article by Albert Jay Nock called Isaiah’s Job.  Nock spoke about remaining leaders as a remnant, and talking about this remnant, Orrin said,

anytime one styles his message to the masses, it gets

Orrin Woodward

dumbed down to the point where it no longer contains the kernels of truth needed to fuel the remnant. Think about how much in education, leadership, politics, etc., has been dumbed down. In most cases, the real issues aren’t even addressed because the majority of the people cannot comprehend them. Is there any hope for America and the West if we continue to dumb everything down?

"School of Athens" Fresco in Apostol...I have a counter-proposal. What if we grew the intellectual capacity of the people, rather than dumbing down the message for the people? Marva Collins has proven this model can work, teaching inner city kids Shakespeare, Plato, etc, through her unyielding love for her young community of students. What if we did that across America, Canada, and eventually the world?

This map shows the countries in the world that...

Ok, sorry about that. I get a little carried away when I think about the condition of Western Civilization.

What if we did, as Orrin said, and educated students toward higher learning?  Marva Collins does it very successfully with poor inner city children in her school in Chicago.  I wonder what would happen if all our children and grandchildren were educated that way?  Other than Marva Collins, has anyone else tried it?

Oh, yeah, that’s right.  That was how they educated our Founding Fathers.  Maybe what was good for them would be good for us, too?  Why don’t we try it?



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