TEAM LIFE Marriages — A Leading Lady Tells As She Sees It

Why are some marriages long lasting, and others barely last beyond the “I do’s”??  Do

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couples who are married for long times have secrets they are willing to share?

Recently, Terri Brady, wife of leadership expert Chris Brady, wrote about marriage and one of their secrets.  In an article called My Dad is SO Obsessed! she wrote,

Chris & Terri Brady

Chris has a game he plays, and once he told me about it, I jumped into playing it too. He likes to pretend that every year we have a chance to end our marriage and choose anyone else. He says that he takes it upon himself to make sure that he is the one whom I would choose again. He knows the qualities I love (because I’ve told him!) and he works hard to be the best at them. So I took it upon myself to do the same. If he could start over tomorrow, would he choose me? Would I be THE hot chick?  Am I the playmate he married – throwing football for fun on a crisp fall day, singing in the rain, laughing out loud at his jokes? Do I make him feel more important than all of the other people with whom I deal? Am I doing MY best to keep my health (because angels can do no more!) so he knows my efforts for his physical attraction?   Is my beauty on the inside one of which he can be proud? So often, I feel like I fail, (and I’m glad the marriage contract lasts through that! Ha!) but with the goal set to be THE one, I can get back up and try again.  One thing I know: he is obsessed with a hot chick, and I am blessed he chooses me.

The games we play with ourselves have a great deal to do with our success in many things in life.  As Terri points out, this is especially true in a good marriage.  If we play good and positive games with ourselves, we can remind ourselves what we are grateful for with our marriages and families.  This will help us to make the sometimes hard choices we must make for the health of these oh-so-important relationships.

In this season we have just started of loving and giving, why don’t we give

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ourselves and our loved ones the gift of good family relationships.



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