The True Story on TEAM LIFE’s 8 F’s — Family

What makes a successful family?  How do we know a good marriage when we see one?

In an article from September, 2010, Orrin Woodward wrote an article called Marriage –

Orrin & Laurie Woodward

The Leadership Team Begins at Home.

Getting on the same page, working together to pursue your dreams, and serving one another unconditionally are keys on your journey to success.  Call a family meeting weekly, developing a “safe zone” to talk over any issues that may be hindering your family from the accomplishment of its dreams.  Do not attack one another, but listen carefully, asking yourselves how you can each improve to serve the other better.  The real TEAM begins at home and expands outward from that solid foundation into the communities.  Get it together, together and your Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Freedom, Fun, and Following will all improve.  

Orrin Woodward and the leaders of TEAM LIFE have always taught leadership begins in the home.  Orrin says he lets his wife make 90% of the decisions in their home, as long as both of them understand the 10% he makes are the important ones for the life and success of their home.  As a wife, this was exciting for me to hear!  I can happily let my husband have final say over the important 10% of our lives, if I get to decide the rest!  I don’t know a wife of my acquaintanceship who wouldn’t feel that way!!

Another crucial area of relationships in the home is the area of our human faults and failings.  Orrin also said,

Orrin Woodward

One final thought: the Bible states that love covers a multitude of sins.  Since all of us need love and forgiveness, let’s start in our homes.

Just as the old proverb states Charity should begin at home, so to should love, forgiveness and giving mercy to one another.  In Bible terms, mercy is unmerited favor, something we don’t deserve but love gives anyway.  Love, forgiveness and mercy, when combined with good communication, are the glue that hold the home team together.  Let’s all glue ours well.



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