Holding to the Kingpin

Is there anything in life that is sure?  Is there anything we can count on that will always be there?

A tall ship in New York Harbor Apparently at t...

In the days of the sail, every ship had a wheel.  The wheel was essential for steering the ship.  It was connected to the rudder.  The direction of the wheel determined the direction of the rudder, which in turn (no pun intended) determined the direction of the ship.

Every wheel had essential parts. There was the hub, the small round center of the wheel.  The hub was connected to the gears and eventually to the rudder.  The wheel’s spokes radiated out from the hub in an even pattern.  These gave the

A black and white illustration of the dharmacakra.

wheel its balance and strength for steering even in the worst of ocean weather.  The spokes ended in the larger, outer wheel.  This wheel held the spokes together and gave the wheel its strength.  On the outside of the outer wheel were the pins, where captains and their carefully designated crew held on to the wheel to steer.

The topmost center pin was called the kingpin.  It was the pin

Entrance to Tulane Maritime Law Journal offices.

around which the others were arranged.  If the kingpin was on top, the ship was sailing straight and true.  When it was pointed to one side or another, the ship was turning.  Where the kingpin pointed everyone what the ship was doing.

We all have things that decide where we are going, how we are proceeding along our journeys through life. These are for us our kingpins.

The British Temeraire and French ships Redouta...

Different people have different things, like the opinions of others, popular media, books people have read and the like.  Some have science, while others embrace philosophy.  But we all have one.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Some of us have chosen faith as our kingpin in life.  We have found great fulfillment and happiness in choosing to make a relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, the kingpin of our existence.  An active faith gives us a clear course to steer through life’s challenges, and helps us to properly align the other parts of our lives.  I invite you to set your course and align your own kingpin similarly.



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