Devotions With A Cat


(In memory of Chase, an irrepressible Turkish Van)


 He entwines himself around my feet,

Wanting only to show his pleasure in me.

Soft and warm, yielding and affectionate,

His rumbles of pleasure fill the room.

Do I act at all like this with You?

Do I approach You just to be with You?

Do I approach You, as he does me,

Just to show You love and affection?


I reach down to stroke him,

And the rumbles re-double.

Twining himself around my legs

As he reacts to my responses to his overtures of love.

Do I act like that with You?

Looking just for a small touch of affection?

Expressing my pleasure in Your attention

With every fiber of my being?


I pick him up to pet him better,

And he settles happily in my lap.

Never struggling to keep his place,

He rests secure in my love and attention.

Am I like this with You?

Do I struggle to stay where I am with You?

Do I ever just rest with You,

And enjoy the time I spend with You?


A noise is heard from another place,

And he is off, inspecting it.

Leaving without sound or word,

As silently as he came.

Am I so distract able with You?

Do I so quickly run off

To my own pleasures and desires,

Forgetting completely what just happened here??


Oh, Lord, help me to learn the lessons

Of love and forgetfulness

My cat has to teach . . .

Red tabby

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