Exploring TEAM LIFE’s 8 F’s – Fun!

Don’t we all want to have fun?  Isn’t it something within all of us?

In an article called Sprezzatura – Excellence Made To Look Easy, Chris Brady

Chris Brady

discussed excellence and the life of Benjamin Franklin.

Fun can be a powerfully effective tool by:

1. creating a good first impression

2. disarming enemies

3. building and “greasing” relationships

4. helping one to keep a proper perspective

5. diffusing tense situations

6. disavowing prideful behavior

7. keeping sanity as a “pressure relief valve

8. restoring our frayed nerves and attitudes

9. allowing one to “keep one’s head” (no pun intended, sorry Louis)

Cover of "The Life of Benjamin Franklin (...

10. producing situations in which some work can actually

get done (called “dinner table diplomacy” in Franklin’s day)

So use fun as a leadership tool.  Find fun in your every day dealings and find fun things to do in between, all the while relentlessly pursuing mastery in your calling.  Spread fun among others.  Do all of this, and you will likely sail higher, farther, and better than your rivals, who will be forced to observe your competence in frustration as you make it look so easy.

Fun can be a wonderful part of work.  If you are doing what you love, fun is an essential part of working.  If you are not, fun makes work bearable.

We can find fun in our work in countless ways.  Laughing with our coworkers at our

Fun Fun Fun Fest

foibles, or theirs.  Chuckling over the outrageous demands of customers.  Snickering at the absurdities that present themselves.  Each of these are valuable tools in the workplace.

Fun can also be a wonderful stress reliever, even when we are not at work!  I was having a very stressful day one Sunday, with life going out of control.  Then, in the middle of the afternoon, while editing another post, I noticed one of our cats behind me.  He was looking out the patio door to a spot about 2 1/2 feet above his head.  He was occasionally trying to climb the glass to get at something.  Finally, I noticed what so raptly held his attention.  It was a small moth, on the outside of the glass, taking a break from the


windy and cool day.  The cat’s antics made sense to me when I saw the moth: he was hunting it, totally unaware he was inside and the moth was not only too high, it was outside!  I was so entertained by it, I wrote on FaceBook,

Our cat Charlie is being driven nuts by a moth outside on the glass patio door about 2 1/2 feet above his head. He’s inside. It’s really funny to watch him try to get it, when it is oh so out of reach!!!

Find fun every day in your work, your life and your surroundings.  And life will become a joy for you.




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