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People are always looking for things in which to invest, to get the best Return On Investment, or ROI.  But what is the best thing we can invest in, the one that gives us the most ROI?

Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward recently addressed this question, quoting Benjamin Franklin, in an article called LIFE TEAM — Return On Investment.

Empty Your Purse To Fill Your Mind, and Your Mind Will Fill Your Purse. – Ben Franklin

The greatest return on investment financially is

personal development/leadership. Why? Because

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

the results last a lifetime by gaining wisdom, applying the right principles at the right time.

Sadly, most people neglect the greatest gift that God gave them (their mind), choosing instead to pour money into areas with little or no return on investment.

If the greatest investment we can give as people is to seek personal development and leadership, why don’t people do this?  Why do most people put their time and money into areas of lesser return?

In his book RESOLVED – 13 Resolutions for LIFE, Orrin Woodward quoted Hyrum Smith from his book The Ten Natural Laws.  Orrin relates the following story,

A copy of a drawing of Hyrum Smith, brother of...

Hyrum Smith

Nearly all executives would agree that reading will help one grow as a leader when properly applied, but few seem to read as often as they should.  Smith asked a group of executives why, if they felt reading was so important, they weren’t reading more.  After an uncomfortably long silence, a guy in the back row finally offered, “Books don’t ring.”

How awesome is that, and how very profound!!  We have to take the time to read, and prioritize it into our schedules.  We need to be hungry for the wisdom we can get from good books.  We need to want to learn, to grow, to become better as people and leaders.

Get hungry for good learning.  Feed your mind with the good stuff.  And then see what positive things come out of it.




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