Information and Leadership

What purpose does getting new information have in our lives?  What can we do with it?

Chris Brady wrote about these questions.  I believe he answered them.  In a recent post called LIFE: It’s What You Do With It, he said

Chris Brady

There are two choices people make regarding information coming into their lives:

1) use it to learn, change, grow, and improve, or

2) use it to buttress one’s already established opinion.

In the second case, which is by far the most common, people analyze information and teaching and try to use it to amplify their already held prejudices and beliefs. If something doesn’t fit, they simply discard it. In this way, new information coming into their lives has no power to transform, only to deform.  Instead receiving the breakthroughs and illumination that new truth can deliver, these people are like bargain hunters who already know what they are looking for and walk right by all other merchandise that is “not for them.”

As Chris says, with information, just like with all things in our lives, we can append it to what we already know or replace what we thought we knew.  Or we can dismiss it as irrelevant to our lives.  Many times, people will do the latter, acting on my favorite quote by Dale Carnegie,

A man (or woman) convinced against his (or her) will, is of the same opinion still.

However, leaders most often take the paths of growth.  They consider it, determine if it is valid, and if it is, adopt the information into their worldview.  It is the path of growth and the

Orrin Woodward

signpost of Hunger that is so much the hallmark of leadership, as outlined in Chris Brady’s and Orrin Woodward’s landmark bestseller Launching A Leadership





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