Orrin Woodward Leadership — The Bannister Effect

Orlando Event 2011 - Orrin Woodward
Orrin Woodward wrote in his leadership blog a fascinating post about Roger Bannister and the quest to break the 4 minute mile barrier.  In it, he said,

Beliefs and attitudes will propel one towards or repel one away from his goals, depending upon whether one is leading the beliefs or allowing the beliefs to lead him.  Bannister’s personal breakthrough pulled a 3,000 year old weed, removing a mental block, helping thousands of runners achieve better results.

A positive mental attitude will accomplish more than any amount of mere facts.  Facts are great, but when the bullets start flying, it’s the attitude of the leader that counts every time.  Orrin Woodward also said,

This principle works in every field. When leaders do the “impossible,” others will step up to the plate, modeling their beliefs and behaviors.  What would happen, if a group of leaders broke through their mental barriers, achieving the Bannister Effect in their professions, helping many others fulfill their untapped potential.  The world needs more men and women with the attitude of Bannister, willing to take criticism, using it, not to get demoralized, but to get energized.

Leaders take their positive attitude, and work it into positive change for others.  When leaders do radical things, we are inspired to do likewise.  Following leaders like these brings followers joy.




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