Chasing Our Dreams, Or Being Busy?

In Launching A Leadership Revolution, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady write, “Picture success as a road that leads to your dreams.”  However, sometimes, on the path of chasing our dreams, we find ourselves feeling like we are chasing our tails, instead.  How does this happen to us, and how do we get back?

I understand that feeling, because it’s happened to me, too.  When I was at my most frustrated, I listened to a CD by Team PC member Tim Marks on Goals And Goal Setting.  The leadership example set by Tim on the CD was very helpful to me.

The difference, according to Tim Marks, is in whether we are managing our business or building it.  And if we are busy, is the focus on being busy, or on getting results? 

Busyness is an easy trap for a leader to fall into.  On the CD, Tim said even he falls into this leadership trap, and needs mentoring with leadership guru Orrin Woodward to leave.  Busyness is action mode, when we are working anywhere in a group, and not working with a focus on our goals.

 Results focus depends on a leader strategically building because their eyes are on a specific goal or goals.  The easiest way to have results focus, according to Orrin Woodward on his CD The Ant And The Elephant, is to have and build a big dream.  Results focus is dream oriented.

Once we get past the need for a focus on results, we need to address other issues.  Time management is a big issue people have struggled with, including me.  I remember times of being incredibly busy, but not getting much accomplished, because my time management skills were lacking.  As I grew in my leadership skill of effective time management, my work became more effective, too.

So what objectives should an aspiring leader reach toward?  The first objective is Power Player, which is Team’s goal for all its members.  Power Player is the basic building block of Team.  Once Power Player is reached, Turbo goals are good objectives.  Attaining Turbo 10, Turbo 25 and Turbo 50 opens up new levels of leadership and learning leadership skills.  Each different objective allows greater access to mentorship by leadership gurus Orrin Woodward or Chris Brady.

The leadership examples on Team provide great resources for aspiring leaders.  The resources Team offers in books and CD’s are invaluable for growing leaders.  They allow us to develop the leadership skills we need to grow our businesses and reach for our dreams.


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